• Services

  • At ALIWAL, providing our clients a Security Service that Effectively makes a Difference against Crime is of utmost importance.

    All staff are employed with the relevant Security Grades, Courses and are Accredited with PSIRA, the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority in South Africa.

    Further to the above, staff are taken through different refresher courses relevant to their duties as frequently as every month allowing Aliwal to be best poised to service the security needs of the clients.  

    In current day South Africa, security persons unarmed make little or no impact against Crime.

    ALIWAL is one of the very few security companies where all operational staff are armed and substantial financial resources are spent on training and upgrading staff skills with regards to marksmanship, tactical skills and the safe handling of firearms.

    All supplied uniforms and tactical equipment is of the highest international standards.

    ALIWAL's expansive fleet of cars are ALIWAL owned. Apart from Operational Vehicles, ALIWAL owns and keeps reserve vehicles at all our depots countrywide. These come into play in the case of accidents or increased workloads. The rest are used during Special Operations.

    ALIWAL keeps a in house technical team to tend to the servicing and maintenance requirements of our fleet.